Our professionally designed dental guards and appliances are perfectly fit to your teeth and mouth to ensure that you can breathe, eat, sleep, and play comfortably.

Night Guards

Although it doesn’t seem like a high-risk activity, sleeping can be a significant cause of damage to the teeth and jaw. For some people with the condition known as Bruxism, an overactive jaw leads to teeth grinding. This can weaken and seriously damage the teeth over time. A custom night guard fits over the top arch of teeth to provide a protective barrier that prevents friction and grinding.


After you have had orthodontic corrections to your teeth, you’ll want to back up all of that work with support to ensure your teeth stay perfectly in place. Many patients have to wear retainers for years to fully stabilize the jaw and teeth in their new positions. A well-fitted and long-lasting retainer can make all the difference!

Sports Mouth Guards

If you play a sport that risks impacts to the head or mouth, a dentist-designed sports mouth guard can protect you from tooth loss and impact, soft tissue injuries, and head injuries, including concussions. These guards are made of high-quality dental materials that last longer, allowing you to get more use out of your guard.

Snoring & Sleep Apnea Devices

If you or your partner aren’t getting a good night of rest, it can affect your mood, health, and relationship. Snoring and sleep apnea can be signs that you aren’t getting the oxygen you need while you sleep. Harrow Dental Office has solutions for snoring and sleep apnea to keep you breathing easily and getting a good night of rest. If you suffer from nighttime disturbances to your sleep, book an appointment to consult with our dentists about special dental appliances for snoring and sleep apnea.

Get the confident, healthy smile you deserve.

Our dental services will help you keep your whole family smiling. Our experienced dental team delivers preventative, restorative, and cosmetic procedures to cover all of your diverse dental health care needs. Harrow Dental Office is pleased to welcome new clients to our practice. We look forward to brightening your smile each time you visit.